April 21, 2014

3 black and white things

He's a bit Ganesh. 

I like her hand.
These are black painted cardboard, white pastel pencil, then paint.

4 Acrylic/Mixed Media Pieces

These two were once failed collages, but they have come together nicely. They aren't named  yet.

Floating glitter skull now has flesh. Its all pink and sinewy.

This one is an Ikon of some kind. She's a bit Sheba-esq. 

Another Ikon-esq piece, more like the Magdalen. 

6 Facelifts in Oil

Taking paintings out of storage found loads of half-done pieces. I smoothed things, moulded them, added a second and third layer. Most are to the stopping point for the moment. 

She sure is ripping her face off.
Dancer, re-posed on the basis of live-sketches, special gold paint on the background. 
This one is a skull. 
Hedwig : Wicked Little Town/Gigolo 
Himself, or he who might become my Mona Lisa.
Prometheus was all Acrylic, but now some Oil is on it.